Twitter Stats: Monday 22 February 2010

by Kathy Gill on 22 February 2010

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Today, Twit­ter repor­ted that it is mana­ging 50 million tweets a day (600 tweets per second). In 2007, the ave­rage (?) was 5,000 times a day and by 2009 hit 35 million a day.

Today, in a 24-hour period, the rap­per Lil’ Wayne (@LilTuneChi) gar­ne­red 112,466 follo­wers (Twit­ter­Coun­ter). For con­text, I think Oprah gathe­red 215,961 follo­wers in her first 24-hour period (but my inter­pre­ta­tion of the blog post could be in error). She had 56,000 follo­wers before she had pos­ted her first tweet.

Today, in the 21-hour period after pos­ting his first tweet, His Holi­ness the Dalai Lama had attrac­ted about 40,000 follo­wers. (I’ll update Tues­day with data from Twit­ter­Coun­ter.) Is there another reli­gious figure that com­pa­res? (The Pope endor­sed digi­tal outreach in January, but I have not heard of anyone from the church set­ting up Twitter.)

Pretty ama­zing untap­ped desire; more fod­der for the hype cycle. Screenshots below the fold.

Twitter Stats

Twit­ter Reports 50 million Tweets Per Day

WeezyBaby Twitter Counter

Twit­ter Coun­ter Data For Lil Tunechi: 112,466 Follo­wers In First 24 Hours

Dalai Lama Twitter Followers

Twit­ter Coun­ter For The Dalai Lama

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