Aggregating Organizational Tweets

by Kathy Gill on 21 February 2010

in Twitter Tools

ComT­weets (@comtweets) is a (free) ser­vice that orga­ni­zes a Twit­ter com­mu­nity around a com­mon email address, like Face­book orga­ni­zes net­works. The sta­ted goal is to faci­li­tate “easy dis­co­very and com­mu­ni­ca­tions bet­ween cowor­kers.” This is not unlikeYam­mer’s goal, but Yammer’s con­ver­sa­tions are vie­wa­ble only by peo­ple in the net­work (com­mon email addres­ses). Of course, this means adding yet another social net­wor­king account to your plate.

Launched in May 2009, ComT­weets lets “the world” see ever­yone who has elec­ted to affi­liate their Twit­ter account with their emplo­yer. And it is very easy to set up a new net­work on ComT­weets: you simply sign up with your work email address. The first per­son to sign up gets to set up the orga­ni­za­tio­nal account, like so.

As the first per­son to sign up with a “” email address, I got to create the Uni­ver­sity of Washing­ton network.

When you asso­ciate your Twit­ter account with an organization/network, ComT­weets asks if this is a per­so­nal or orga­ni­za­tio­nal account. The ques­tion cau­sed me to stum­ble, as I first thought “this” refe­ren­ced the ComT­weets net­work. Then I rea­li­zed that ComT­weets was asking about the Twit­ter account that I was asso­cia­ting with the email address. That’s when I knew I was to select “personal.”

Con­se­quently ComT­weets appends “emplo­yee” beneath my Twit­ter ava­tar when it dis­plays my tweets. Note: it does not dis­play @replies.

comtweets kegill

It’s pos­si­ble that ComT­weets could have two net­works for UW, as we have two dif­fe­rent sets of syn­tax for the same email address — and We’re pro­bably not the only large net­work with an issue like this, evi­den­ced by this June blog postexplai­ning how to merge net­works.

If your web­site or blog allows javasc­ript, you can easily dis­play tweets from the aggre­ga­ted feed.

There are a few large-ish com­mu­ni­ties on ComT­weets but in the main the num­bers are small:

What do you think? Use­ful or not?

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